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Today, we’re pleased to share our latest track, The Futurist.

As a band with members on both sides of the Tasman, we wanted to take this opportunity to draw attention to the incredible efforts of emergency services in Australia fighting the current bushfire crisis and the need for ongoing fundraising to support this desperate work.

Australia is my second home and it's heart-breaking to see so much of the country around you on fire. Thousands of people and animals are suffering. Fire fighters and volunteers need all the help they can get.
— Brendon

There are a number of worthy funds that you can donate to right now. If you haven’t contributed already and are able to, you may like to consider amplifying your donation through music.

We’ll match each dollar from purchases of The Futurist on Bandcamp and donate the net total to the Red Cross. You can purchase the song in your preferred format by paying whatever you want: your donation could be just $1 NZD or much more—it all helps.

For transparency, Bandcamp deducts a revenue share (15%) and payment processor fee (between 4-6%) but as well as matching your contribution dollar-for-dollar, we’ll top up the fees deficit to make sure your donation goes as far as possible. [If there’s anything you can do in this case, @Bandcamp, let us know!]

If that isn’t your thing and you prefer to support in different ways, we encourage you to check out:

Thank you.