I'm Mathew Bosher, a People & Culture leader and musician. I have 17 years experience in HR and recruitment with startups and corporates. Need help building talent, leadership and culture? Let's connect on LinkedIn.

I also release music. I post here about work and creativity.

HR and recruitment

A commercial People & Culture (P&C) professional with an acute focus on talent. My mission is to connect human potential with purposeful work to have impact at scale. I help organisations deliver high-performing outcomes for teams and customers.

I use my transformation, design thinking, strategic and operational P&C/PX/HR skills to grow talent, leadership and culture. I have previously led large-scale change, recruitment, talent management and core HR for great brands. I have leadership experience in corporate and startup/scale-up organisations. My recent work has been in banking, travel tech and fintech.

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I'm a songwriter and recording artist. I launched Rothko Records to support my work. One of my projects was to create a new band from scratch—remotely, using agile principles—and record on a 1939 lightship moored on the River Thames 18,000 kilometres from home. I've toured through Japan, South Africa and Australasia.

Selected work:

  • Magnalith, Oblivion (2023) — post-metal solo project
  • Domes, Vol. I (2020) recorded on a 1939 lightship moored on the River Thames 18,000 kilometres from home [metal, space rock]
  • Decortica, Love Hotel (2010) alt-rock, prog rock concept album

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