Mathew Bosher is a People and Culture leader and musician

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About me

People Experience (PX) — talent, leadership, culture

A commercial People & Culture (P&C) professional with an acute focus on talent. I have leadership and business partnership experience in a corporate environment and am joining the startup community soon. My mission is to connect human potential in the head, heart and hands through meaningful work; to live well through continuous learning and reflection. I use my business transformation, design thinking, strategic and operational P&C/PX/HR leadership skills to grow organisational talent, leadership capability and culture to create high-performing outcomes for employees and customers.

Previously led large-scale transformation and core HR initiatives for the Digital Group at Air New Zealand—New Zealand's Most Attractive Employer (Randstad Award), most respected company (Colmar Brunton Corporate Reputation Index) and of Airline of Year ( Also held the Head of Talent Acquisition and Talent Management position at the airline.

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I'm a songwriter and recording artist. I launched Rothko Records to support my work. One of my projects was to create a new band from scratch—remotely, using agile principles—and record on a 1939 lightship moored on the River Thames 18,000 kilometres from home. I've toured through Japan, South Africa and Australasia.

Selected work:

  • Magnalith, Instrumentality (2021) — an EP produced remotely during New Zealand and UK lockdowns [post-metal]
  • Domes, Vol. I (2020) recorded on a 1939 lightship moored on the River Thames 18,000 kilometres from home [metal, space rock]
  • Decortica, 11811 (2012) and Love Hotel (2010) — concept albums [alt-rock, prog rock]

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