Decortica albums re-released everywhere with new music video

I'm a songwriter and recording artist. I launched Rothko Records to support my work. I write a newsletter about that. Subscribe and get free music.

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Magnalith — post-metal, progressive metal

"Magnalith is dense but concise, expressionistic but corporeal music. Tangentially metal, curiously harmonic, the EP is a convulsive listen. Unbridled structural deviations see handbrake slides into weird, cinematic passages that lurch back into leviathan riffs."

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Decortica — alternative rock, progressive rock

"A three-piece employing a range of dynamics and effects. 'The result is a huge, full sound with frequent deviations into new textures and moods,' (Groove Guide), striking a balance of heavy riffs and ambiance, thundering percussion and layers of harmony."

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Domes — post-metal, space rock

"This is metal with elements of space rock and post-hardcore. Not overstating the musicality nor telling the story plainly, the songs are conceptually deep and artistically broad. Laconic run-times are no less elaborate in traversing post-metal tropes and thematic landscapes."

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