I'm pleased to share a podcast in partnership with Brendon Kahi, bandmate in Domes. It’s called Creative Labour and features conversations with artists and other professionals. We hope to share people’s craft, ideas and learning experiences for anyone interested in the arts, work, productivity and "behind-the-scenes" stories.

First up is Dave Holmes, our long-time collaborator. He speaks to us about our most recent recording experience and reflects on his career as a producer and recording engineer. We cover the unique studio that he operates in London (onboard a 1939 lightship) and how he creates a safe space for vulnerability and nuanced performance to achieve the right outcomes for artists.

It's a broad conversation in which we discuss:

  • Holmes' unique recording space aboard a 1939 lightship
  • The rich community of artists he serves in London
  • How he creates a safe space for vulnerability
  • Mastery of the craft and what the role of a producer really means
  • What worked and didn't work about our approach
  • Discovering nuance and protecting interesting moments
  • The resilience required to create positive artistic and recording experiences

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Creative Labour — a new podcast

Conversations about the arts, work and productivity.